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May 29, 2015

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September 30-
October 2, 2014
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Nondestructive Testing Equipment — Olson

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NDT Platforms for Structures - Pavement - Foundations & Seismic Surveys

The Ultimate in a Professional, Expandable Nondestructive Testing Platform!

Freedom Data PC-
1 Platform, Over a dozen NDT Test Method Add-ons Available

Olson's most powerful, time-tested field ruggedized NDT Platform. Simply swap out the modules as shown, add the necessary components and you're off testing!
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Most Versatile, Expandable Hand-Held Touch Screen Nondestructive Testing Platform!

NDE 360-
1 Platform - Multiple NDT Test Method Add-ons Available

A robust ruggedized battery powered handheld system for QA/QC, giving mobility and simplicity for use in the field by one person.
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Concrete Thickness/Flaw Gauges (CTG)
for Quality Assurance & Control

Resonance Tester for
Concrete - Asphalt - Rock - And More!

Concrete Thickness Testing in 1-Easy Step — No Drilling, No Coring & No Excavating!

Concrete Thickness Gauges (CTG)

Save thousands by using any of our CTG product lines! Based on the Impact Echo test method with proven 2% accuracy in comparison studies.
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Fast Digital Lab Testing Instrument - Accurate Results in Under a Minute!

Resonance Tester (RT-1)

Using just 3 simple components and costing thousands less than the competition.Fast learning curve — just plug in your results and the calculating is done for you!
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Data Acquisition System

Rebar Corrosion Evaluation & Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring Platform

Freedom DAS PC

Internal 5B or 8B modules for easy to switch signal conditioning to support strain, temperature, pressure, potentiometer, vibration, accelerometers, etc. National Instruments Labview software based DAS system for up to 32 channels!
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Distributed by
Olson Instruments


A rapid, non-destructive
polarization technique for the evaluation of reinforcement
corrosion rate as well as half-cell potentials.
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